Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP) funding of DXA bone density testing at our Vancouver location

MSP has repeatedly refused to fund DXA bone density testing at our Vancouver office because of our proximity to other radiology DXA facilities in Vancouver. In making this decision, they ignore quality, teaching, research, and our provincial Centre of excellence in metabolic bone disease. Advocacy information is available here.

However, new patients referred to Dr. Kendler for an osteoporosis consultation are offered a Prohealth bone density test without charge as part of the consultation, to ensure that their initial assessment is based on the highest quality testing. Follow-up consultation bone density testing must be either paid by the patient ($78) or subsequent testing can be done at an MSP-funded facility.

If you wish to have just a DXA bone density test without an osteoporosis consultation at Prohealth Vancouver, you have the option of paying for the test yourself.  Prohealth charges $78 (single site DXA) or $150 (2-site DXA) which is the lowest cost for patient-pay bone density testing in the province.

Bone density testing is recommended for all men and women over the age of 65 years. As well, testing should be offered to postmenopausal women and men over 50 with additional risk factors such as parental hip fracture, personal fragility fracture, cigarette smoking, excess alcohol, or other clinical concerns where bone density information will aid in management. You will need to discuss with your doctor whether a bone density test is appropriate and whether the MSP will pay for it.