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Lose weight in a healthy way!

If energy needs (calories burned during day to day life) exceed energy intake (calories taken in through foods and drinks), weight loss with occur. Healthy weight loss involves losing fat but also retaining or gaining muscle. Without a well planned weight loss program (diet and exercise), it is likely that each pound lost will consist of ½ lb fat and ½ lb muscle. A series of DXA Whole Body Composition scans is the best method for tracking the changes in fat and muscle in the body.


Fat and muscle distribution

The distribution of fat within the body has many health implications. In general, too much fat within the torso region increases risk of many serious problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood cholesterol. Many seniors maintain a steady weight as they age, but in fact, the muscle is wasting into fat and redistributes from their limbs to their torso, increasing their risk of developing diseases.

DXA Whole Body Composition is the only test capable of determining fat and muscle distribution in the body.


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