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WOA History

1998:   WOA was incorporated as a society in the province of British Columbia.

Initial activities involved annual meetings in the 4 Western Canadian provinces, bringing together Canadian thought leaders with community providers of osteoporosis care.

1998: Vancouver experts meeting

1999:  Calgary experts meeting

2000: Saskatoon experts meeting

2001: Hong Kong experts meeting. The Hong Kong meeting provided an opportunity for Canadian physicians to interact with Hong Kong colleagues as well as to conduct the first Hong Kong International Society for Clinical Densitometry certification course.

2002: 4 Western US thought leaders joined our 4 Canadian members in order to broaden our mandate to publish articles useful to the practitioner in the field of osteoporosis. 

2002: Guests Tony Hodsman (London Ontario Canada) and Eric Erickson led a meeting in Phoenix in order to review the application of parathyroid hormone bone anabolic therapy to osteoporosis patients and to discuss long-term bisphosphonate therapy.

2004: Vancouver vertebral fracture in the elderly meeting with guest  Dr. Alex Papaiannou.

2006: Honolulu Hawaii meeting to review male osteoporosis under the guidance of Dr. Wojtec Olszynski.
2010: Santa Barbara California meeting to discuss long-term bisphosphonate therapy under the leadership of Dr. Michael McClung and to discuss vertebral fracture management under the direction of Dr. David Kendler.

2012: Albuquerque New Mexico  meeting to discuss communicating risks and benefits of long term osteoporosis therapy under the guidance of Dr. Michael Lewiecki.

2016: Chicago, Illinois meeting to discuss long-term bisphosphonate therapy led by Dr. David Hanley 

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